Fantage Free Accounts

I have some free Fantage accounts to share. Please read these conditions before logging onto them.

✓ No banning. I repeat NO banning.

✓ No changing the password.

✓ No asking me to change a account’s password.


Username: bowmanjaiden11

Password:  21312131

Username: roxy_2929

Password: nada101

Username: cleokim2122

Password: sandra4

Username: pug3399

Password: mommy33

Username: codbo2

Password: codmw36050

Note: Do NOT trade or sell stuff on this account or the actual owner will change the password!

Username: hannahlov

Password: 6085ce90

Username: marie633

Password: marie6

Username: shannon7812

Password: diamonds1

watermelon2261's IDFone

Username: watermelon2261

Password: fantage228

2,622 thoughts on “Fantage Free Accounts

  1. guys i havve a really rare account with bomb shell cc frisky glowie all kinds of chalks bubble gum arrows bone etcc level 1037 very rare if u want it go to Fantage cheese and ill be there my name is Zoella and we will trade if im not there just keep on going to fantage cheese and keep checking my account name is kittypaw36 okay thanks bye :) not a lie i swear

  2. hey this is the acc i hacked so she is a 11 month mem acc if u want her i did s=change pass so the pass i gave u was a fake so ya and tht blog i put up is not working i do not know why but i will not give her away she will be a 12 month in like 1 day so ya

  3. sorry wrong pass the owner changed it im so sorry it worked like 1 day ago and now it does not i am so sorry public ppl but i do know the other pass but he would change it again if i give it out he is my friend and he loves his acc and i am the only one who can go on it sorry ppl :( and i am happy to tell u i know the pattern of pinkstardust acc and i can not give it away so sorry


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