Fantage Free Accounts

I have some free Fantage accounts to share. Please read these conditions before logging onto them.

✓ No banning. I repeat NO banning.

✓ No changing the password.

✓ No asking me to change a account’s password.


Username: bowmanjaiden11

Password:  21312131

Username: roxy_2929

Password: nada101

Username: cleokim2122

Password: sandra4

Username: pug3399

Password: mommy33

Username: codbo2

Password: codmw36050

Note: Do NOT trade or sell stuff on this account or the actual owner will change the password!

Username: hannahlov

Password: 6085ce90

Username: marie633

Password: marie6

Username: shannon7812

Password: diamonds1

watermelon2261's IDFone

Username: watermelon2261

Password: fantage228

2,575 thoughts on “Fantage Free Accounts

  1. hey guys and gals just saying the all the acounts are bannned or have differnt pass worlds miss who owens the page please tell people top stop banning and them becaers want to play on it

  2. Im going to try this accounts and if they dont work I wont care Ill just be upset and probably kill my computer. Im not mental though. Anyway @Pancakelawl @StaceyBlue92 is probably not your account anyway. Dont you be starting no dang unwanted drama girlfriend! And if it is yours just change the password. And she cant erase the comment. Sorry tutti futti! LOL!

  3. i think pinkstardust password is pinkpeace1 but she changes her pass almost every day and u guys cannot hack her easily and pinkstardust ‘s father works in Fantage ,one of the fantage well known person

  4. Hi people its me i dont wanna lie but I have a rare account thats private for trade its private cause i made it and i payed a membership its realllllly rare and heres the user mablepower

  5. hey i gotta say people that are rude i really dont like please banning just because your jealous dosent mean you need to ban n so others CANT play it is really rude maybe i will post my really rare acc if peeps stop banNing please stop banning!

  6. if u want to trade for a rare acc email me at .. ! i’ll have to check the acc first doe, i wont hack i promise! im no hacker 😉. i swear! cuz i got my own alot.. XD also if i did trade u pls dont give it away! u can change the pass but please ask me! thanks ~ lesly

    • Thx for the account I love it :) :) :) ;) I would recommend her to every she is not a hacker and If you don’t believe me I am on youtube


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