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The Witness

So, today I’m going to see ‘The Witness’ at a cinema after waiting for AGES! I had to schedule it so that the two friends I’m going to watch it with are available on the same day as me so unfortunately, we had to watch it on a Monday because the night screening was too late yo.
So basically, ‘The Witness’ is a Chinese remake of a Korean movie ‘Blind’ in which a blind girl and a young boy become witnesses of a late-night kidnapping. Plus, Luhan’s in this movie so obviously I was going to watch it, I didn’t even know he had a movie coming out until I saw his music video for ‘Medals’. The movie itself seems really cool and if you’d like to look at what it’s about, I’d suggest searching up Luhan’s music video for Medals. I have to warn you though, if you’re not into crime or anything, don’t watch it.
I’m really excited! I’ve been waiting sooo long to watch it! 
~ Jen x

Albums Are Here!

So after what felt like FOREVER. My GOT7 and EXO albums are here<3
I didn’t know what member version I would get for the EXODUS album and I got D.O! Which I am extremely happy about even though Baekhyun is my bias haha<3 I also got a Chen photocard with the album (I literally screamed for joy). Kyungsoo’s (D.O’s) pictures in it are really pretty, I think he has some of the best ones. 
I got the horizontal version for GOT7’s MAD album! It’s so pretty and I personally find it better than the vertical version :3 I got a JB photocard with it too! ^.^ (BamBam’s my bias but I love JB).
I love both albums dearly and I think my favourite songs from each would be What If… (From EXO’s album EXODUS) and Tic Tic Tock (From GOT7’s album MAD).
You guys should check both those songs/albums out, they’re worth looking at! Trust me!
~ Jen x 


I do not know how everyone else feels about this, but this is my personal opinion.
If two people on Fantage are dating, how is that of any concern to you? I understand if this is a virtual site for ‘kids’ and having boyfriends/girlfriends on it isn’t what it was made for but it is not your place to say anything about them. They have made a decision and wanted to date so let the couple be, stop being so judgemental and realise that these things do happen on online sites.
Personally, I have not dated anyone on that site and don’t feel the need to but I definitely don’t go around judging others because of it.
~ Jen x

Stressed Out

For some reason, I continue to believe that leaving everything to the last minute will be extremely easy for me – no worries at all!

I cannot express how wrong that statement is.

After I’ve gone through that dreaded all night working process, I scold myself. AFTER that happens. Why can’t I go all bad cop on myself from earlier on?! Life would be so much easier.

This time, I have a huge amount of Science practical reports to do along with 6 Geography worksheets that are supposed to take you an hour long each.

I’m done for.

Blogging right now rather than getting on with my work only proves how much of a procrastinator I am. Now you all have seen it too!

I’d like to thank no one but myself for being a bad influence on my viewers. Sorry!

If any of you have tips to help me out with this ‘condition’ please let me know. It would be greatly appreciated as my mind is too invested in searching up the most random things rather than doing work. I’m just too busy watching EXO Next Door for like the 60th time. (By the way, I think Baekhyun and I would make a fabulous couple bye)

~ Jen x

Act My Age

So today is my birthday… I am not going to reveal how old I have turned because of cyber-safety reasons. 

I’m having an existential crisis.

Life has gone by so fast and it’s frightening to think about that too – I want to live. 

One of my idols Harry Styles once said; ‘We have a choice – to live or to exist’ and I want to live my life. I feel as if I haven’t done anything that I would be proud of when I’m older, I would not look back in think ‘Huh? I had a pretty good life after all eh?’ 

However, I am and will continue to be grateful for every single thing that I keep memory of and for the luxuries I constantly receive. I am so thankful for being able to have the luxury of living in a home, having an education or even having clean water. I will forever be thankful. 

Taking that into account, I still want to do more with my life and never grow up. I admire(d) Peter Pan ever since I was a child because I could relate so much to him. I remember that he always used to ask Wendy why she would want to go back when she could stay right here and never grow up with him. It was beautiful. 

More than anything, I want a person I can share my further experiences with as well.

Also, thank you guys if you’re reading this for ever viewing my blog, my early companions and I have grown on this journey together. 

It’s amazing how time flies by. 

I would like to share two songs with you all that I can relate to very well at the moment;
1. http://youtu.be/0wI4Ckiss6s&nbsp;

2. http://youtu.be/UM3389FUnKo

Listen carefully to the lyrics and reflect upon what you think the lyrics could mean in this context (everything changing and you not wanting it to). 

Whoever has the same birthday as me (11th August), happy birthday to you too! I hope you’ve had/will have a wonderful day – you deserve it. 
~ Jen x

Society Thoughts 

A lot of people treat the word ‘gay’ or ‘lesbian’ as an insult, those people also happen to lack vocabulary. 

Being homosexual is considered to be offensive in so many communities that it’s overwhelming, there is nothing wrong with being homosexual. 

Imagine if people used the word ‘straight’ as an insult? Everyone who happens to fall within that sexual orientation (which is a lot) would feel targeted and bullied. 

Before you start saying ‘gay’ and commonly use it in an offensive manner, I’d advise you to think again. Someone could be willing to admit their sexual orientation yet you saying it in a way that it’s the most embarrassing thing in the world could make them stop. 

No one deserves to be treated that way regardless of what their sexual orientation is. 

~ Jen x

Fantage Haters

For a good while now, there has been a lot of hate from fellow fantage users to others assuming that most users on Fantage are aged from 8-12 years old. This is a major stereotype and is used by most people on Fantage when they’re attempting to insult someone but majorly failing by using someone’s age as a target. Fantage cannot be classified as a kid’s game or a teenager’s, there is a reason they have a variety of age choices when you sign up. What’s even more funny that those same people who shame someone for being too young to play Fantage think that Fantage is a kid’s game and should not be taken seriously – which is ironic.
People (including me) get questioned quite a lot by others asking why we still play Fantage and again they immediately throw a stereotype saying ‘we have no social lives’. Whereas this might be true for some people, it still does not mean they can or cannot play Fantage. If I were speaking about myself, I play fantage out of pure boredom and I find it entertaining that we earn things like stars, ecoins and gold in order to buy items – it is good practice for when you have careers and have to support a family! I may be classified as ‘too old’ to play fantage or ‘too young’ but I play it for it’s pure enjoyment and not because I claim to have no social life. 

Yes, this was a rant and was directed at some particular people.

No, I’m not sorry. 

~ Jen x