Fantage Free Accounts

I have some free Fantage accounts to share. Please read these conditions before logging onto them.

✓ No banning. I repeat NO banning.

✓ No changing the password.

✓ No asking me to change a account’s password.


Username: bowmanjaiden11

Password:  21312131

Username: roxy_2929

Password: nada101

Username: cleokim2122

Password: sandra4

Username: pug3399

Password: mommy33

Username: codbo2

Password: codmw36050

Note: Do NOT trade or sell stuff on this account or the actual owner will change the password!

Username: hannahlov

Password: 6085ce90

Username: marie633

Password: marie6

Username: shannon7812

Password: diamonds1

watermelon2261's IDFone

Username: watermelon2261

Password: fantage228

2,417 thoughts on “Fantage Free Accounts

  1. The latest and the best account I have that is NOT mine but my cousins is…
    She is a whooping level of 3339 due to purchasing tons of bonus level medals and has a membership.
    She is the proud owner of 95% of what fantage has since 2008.
    The rest 5% are non mem stuff that are still at Stella’s and Le Shop, so yeah. She OF COURSE has cc and frisky and gum and tons of thing that even pinkstardust has. And some she doesn’t! *wink*
    So whatevs!
    This is the greatest giveaway yet to come. Catch up soon for the details.
    And of course, YOU NEED A SUPER RARE MEMBER FOR TRADE AND NO NONMEMS 👅 AND NOT TO BE RUDE, and she has 50,000+ gold and cody’s combos all and all lucky bot. She is a trillionair ✌️ On Fantage💁 and she is a billionaire with ecoins👌
    Woot toot. So brace yourself!!!!!
    I got bored with her, and my Cousin got fed up with fantage📣 and that’s why, I so kindly volunteered to pay for her membership coz I don’t want to lose her status. Winner gets her.

  2. If anyone wants my account toby2523 who is a GIRL member please tell me and i will give her to you guys. She has some rare stuff and vintage stuff. Comment If you want her!

  3. you guys zuri is my account i posted her up but i changed the pass because my stuff was missing and beind banned ALOT my other account is littlemermaid7 she is rare and i have alot of rare accounts we can trade

  4. hey guys i have a boy non memm acc but he has a lot of ecoin items his username is josh67 ill, he is a level 118 with 15,009 stars and 1,000 ecoinz, idk who wants him give me a reason why u want him and he also used to be mem idk if that will convince you guys to reply


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